REC League Divisions

Updated Saturday November 7, 2015 by Trent Lewis.

3u-4u Blastball

BlastBall is an introductory t-ball program for boys and girls. It introduces children to basic concepts such as throwing, fielding, batting and running to 1st base. No gloves are required, and a foam bat and ball are used. Batters run to first base and try honk the horn in the base before the fielders can hold the ball in the air and yell "Blast!"

6u Rec Softball
6U is for girls aged 4-6 who are just beginning to play softball. The basics of the game are taught, focusing on the fundamentals of throwing, catching, hitting and running.   The coaches pitch to the girls and a Tee is used if they are unable to hit off the coach.

8u Rec Softball
8U softball introduces competitive play, while still maintaining a strong focus on teaching the fundamentals of the game. 8u is coach pitch as SKGSL.

10u Rec Softball
10u introduces Kid-Pitch at this level, as well as more advanced concepts such as bunting and stealing.

12u Rec softball
The 12U level continues to advance the complexity of play, and more advanced styles of play are taught.

14u-18u Rec Softball
The 14u-18u level is the highest level of recreational play offered at SKGSL.